I’ve promised to take this bird to live with me for few months. I think I’ve made a huge mistake…



First Hyper Beam 


Gone and back again

I’ve been putting this together for a while ;v; I’m glad I finally finished it!
the last three pictures are a little bonus and they’re flat colored instead of the normal coloring i do ;v;


Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Opening: Overlap.


I want to see my favorite character be really happy but i also want to see them have a complete breakdown complete with tears and yelling




inspired by (x)

When you’ve been abused by a parent like that dealing with anything afterwords is terrifying.

I can only imagine the emotions Zuko was feeling when he apologised to Iroh there. 

^This is one of the reasons that I think going in to apologize to Iroh is one of the bravest things that Zuko’s ever done, because of how much it must have terrified him to do so (Iroh would never hurt Zuko like that, but that fear had to have been at the top of Zuko’s mind at this moment)

And why I love Iroh so, so much for being who he is. 

I will always think of this when I watch that scene now.

Chloe tagged me!


Name: Aubrey
Nickname: Online? Ottji
D.O.B.: Early November
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: I’m playing for both teams haha
Height: 5’2 since like elementary school
Time Zone: mmmmmountain time? psh i always forget this
Current Time: 5:32AM, gettin’ ready for work ugh
Average Sleep Hours: uh around 6-ish on most work days, 9-10 on my days off i think, give or take
Last Input to Google: 'meters to feet' because i can't convert between the two by myself psh
Most Used Phrase: i’m stuck on ‘right?!’ at the moment and i want to stooopppp
Best Descriptive Word For Me Right Now: Groggy haha I don’t like getting up for these early shifts
Last Thing Said to a Family Member: "Thanks, i love you too" or some variation as we all headed our own ways to get to bed
One Place I’m Happy Being At: Anywhere I can feel relaxed and safe
How Many Pillows Are On My Bed: Usually two, sometimes three at most (but there’s a forth nearby, just chillin)
Favorite Beverage: On a daily basis, water! But strawberry milk kicks ass too
Last Movie Seen in Theaters: I… I think it was Spiderman 2? But I might’ve seen one more recently I’m not sure
Three things I can’t live without: (in a non-literal sense, right?) Music, long hot showers/baths, having a little ‘go-bag’ packed and ready for whatever.
Something I Plan On Learning: American Sign Language! Also how to eat a bit healthier.
Advice to Followers: Find something that makes you happy and grab onto it, hold onto it tight, no matter how silly or whatever it might seem to anyone else. Sometimes even the smallest of lifelines is enough to keep you floating when you find yourself dropped into deep water with no warning. Also, be the best that you can be, and don’t compare that to others - you’re you, so own that shit.

A Song I’d Like You All To Hear: One of my current favorites - Locking Up The Sun  by  Poets of the Fall

Not sure what the rules are for tagging here but I’m gonna tag Hidaka in this!


Have some flower crown Team Avatar to cheer you up after that last season of Korra!


Here’s my second print to go with my chocobo one… I didn’t get as much done this summer as I thought I would, but I think the stuff I did get to came out really well!


Being good to each other is so important, guys.

Winnie Harlow is the new face of Desigual


In summer


Awesome Ceiling Paint Job

Be passionate about what you write, believe in your ability to convey timeless ideas, and let no one tell you what what you’re capable of.

—Christina Westover (via writersrelief)